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Urinating foam, from trivial to serious

Foamy urine that rarely occurs or appears occasionally, most likely is not something to look out for. However, it is another story if urinating is foam often, or accompanied by other complaints such as body swelling and pain during urination. Urine or urine is normally golden yellow and clear, or slightly dark. The texture is runny and not bubbly. However, sometimes there is a change until the urine looks foamy. There are various factors that can cause these changes, it could be due to certain diseases or due to side effects of drugs. Various Causes of Foamy Urine If your urine appears foamy, this could be because your bladder is filled with urine. When the bladder is too full, for example as a result of holding urine, urine that comes out will be swifter, causing the formation of bubbles or froth in the toilet. Sometimes, even foamy urine can occur if you don't drink enough or are dehydrated. In addition, certain drugs to treat urinary tract infections, for example phenazop
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Common Mistakes When Installing Special Baby Chairs in Cars

Until now, special baby seats in cars are still not considered important by most parents in Indonesia. In fact, Mother certainly knows that the use of this tool can be a determining factor for the safety of the life of the Baby while traveling. Special car seats for infants, aka baby car seats, are indispensable in order to maintain the safety of your child when invited to travel using the car. If properly installed, baby car seats can even reduce the risk of babies dying in car accidents by 71%. Not only must be careful in choosing and buying a baby car seat, it should not be installed carelessly. There are rules that must be observed by Mother and Father if you want to install a baby seat in the car. The goal is that the various errors below do not occur. Common Mistakes in Using a Baby Car Seat Mother, installing a baby car seat or a special chair for babies cannot be careless. Some of the things below are common mistakes in installing a baby car seat that Mother and Father mu

Sanitation, the First Step in Personal Health

Awareness of sanitation is still low in the community, can trigger environmental pollution, deterioration in health quality, to the spread of infectious diseases. Therefore, sanitation must start from changing your own behavior. Sanitation can basically be interpreted as the ability to maintain cleanliness and a proper place to defecate. More broadly, sanitation also refers to the maintenance of hygienic conditions through services such as garbage collection, waste water treatment and disposal, and management of industrial hazardous waste. Easy Application of Sanitation Poor sanitation is closely related to the transmission of various diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhus, polio, intestinal worms, schistosomiasis (a disease caused by parasitic worms), trachoma (bacterial infection that attacks the eyes), and malnutrition. This is what makes sanitation and hygiene so important for the health, development and survival of all members of the community, Y